Custom Signs as a Wedding Decor

Are you still planning for your wedding? As we all know, having a picture-perfect wedding involves a lot of unwanted stress. When you just think about the to-dos on your list, it can surely make your head spin.

Here at USA Signs, we offer our custom signs in Santa Monica that can make your wedding be a magical occasion you have dreamed of.

The use of signs may not be too sexy or dreamy. But they can ease a lot of headaches because of the thousand of details that you need for that special day.

At USA Signs, we offer a variety of custom signs in Santa Monica that can enhance your wedding’s atmosphere with the use of informative displays, decorative pieces, and several others.

So what are the uses of these signs during that particular day?

To Welcome the Guests

Don’t use simple posters to guide your guests to the entrances of the venue. Instead, use a well-designed sign that can improve the venue’s atmosphere and provide aesthetics for photo opportunities.

A well-designed custom sign can offer your guest a wedding spirit and provide a stunning backdrop for photos. You may include hashtags and other details that may help your guests to document this special day.

Organize the Venue

Custom signs are also useful in assisting guests in finding their way around the venue. These signs can direct your visitors to vital areas of your wedding, like bars, dance floor, serving areas, etc. If you need outdoor signs, the best materials to use are wooden and vinyl.

Custom Signs as a Wedding Decor

For indoor signs, you may choose either foam board or gator board. They are all lightweight and inexpensive that you can easily hang on a wall or suspend from a ceiling.

Authentic Dance Floor

With the right custom signs in Santa Monica, you can create an authentic dance floor in your wedding’s venue. Because your first dance with your partner is one of the most memorable moments of your wedding, you should create a picturesque environment.

It can be achieved by incorporating banners. Use fabric banners to decorate walls.

How about the floor? Yes, it is possible to decorate it with floor decals. They can provide flair to the floor. But make sure to use the correct floor decals that can withstand foot traffic and prevent slipping.

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